Pagumetropics is new economic science that studies discovering the economics of Pagume and rediscovering the temperates. The problem is that there is neither factor income nor income tax revenue during Pagume in Ethiopia. Moreover, Pagumetropics discovered that English is not time, because it does know neither Pagume nor 12 months of 30 days. But Pagume does use English to reveal the realities of the tropics compared to temperates. Therefore, Pagume is 5 or 6 faster rotations of the tropics, when 6 to 10 or 11 of September is slower rotations of the temperates. Besides, Pagumetropics discovered that there are 21 days of Pagume in every 4 years and 63 days in every 12 years. Suppose Pagume is dependent variable in days and year is an explanatory variable;

i)                    Determine the linear equation of Pagume.

ii)                   Show that in every 70 years, the period of Pagume is 1 year and 2 days.

iii)                 Calculate the future value of 1 Eth Birr invested at an annual interest rate of 10% for 70 years and 69 years respectively.

iv)                 In how many years 1 Eth Birr is invested at annual interest rate of 10% is equal to the difference between 70 and 69 years’ future value of 1 Eth Birr.