Although we are living in a digital age, about 26.11% of our land is called the tropics remain undiscovered. The tropics covers part of earth found between tropic of Cancer and tropic of Capricorn. It remains undiscovered because both use of Ethiopian calendar only in the current Ethiopia and Gregorian calendar in the tropics are unrealistic.
Therefore, in a digital age, use of Ethiopian calendar in the tropics and Gregorian calendar in the temperates are natural and scientific to discover the tropics and rediscover the temperates.

To come up with this new world discovery and rediscovery, I used 1) 68 years data of Ethiopian calendar and Gregorian calendar; 2) one year period from end of June 21 to June 21 for the temperates, and from end of Sene 14 to Sene 14 for the tropics. Thus relative and comparative analyses of them were made.
Use of information technology in my discovery is great. So I  inquire all members of my circles to participate actively to the realization of my discovery and rediscovery.