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Fassil Tassew TadesseOct 12, 2012Edit

Yes, it is true education is the path to success.

Robert KnightOct 12, 2012

How does one measure success…??

Talha HassanOct 12, 2012

The youth of Pakistan is still optimistic that they will see a better tomorrow.

Fassil Tassew TadesseNov 7, 2012Edit

 Without discovering the tropics and rediscovering the temperates acting as world leader is neither civilized nor scientific.Universal education is power to discover the undiscovered.

Robert KnightNov 8, 2012

Education is not the path to success, again by what methods does one measure success????

Fassil Tassew TadesseNov 9, 2012Edit

Robert Knight, I do like your debate. “Universal education is power to discover the undiscovered”. When the undiscovered is discovered the benefit of it is too many. Without education both discovering and innovation are unlikely. These who are innovators and discovers are successful individuals who may benefit financially, global recognition and advancing civilization and science to the highest level.

Robert KnightNov 10, 2012

Again by what methods does one quantify / measure success…. just because someone reads a book does not make them successful or an innovator.. 

Fassil Tassew TadesseNov 11, 2012Edit

Discovering the tropics and rediscovering the temperates are very
simple.Because the knowledge of realities have no power hiding them. For
example, English is not time. Because it does know neither Pagume nor 12
months of 30 days.However, Pagume does use English to reveal the realities
of the tropics compared to the temperates. Therefore, it is 5 or 6 faster
rotations of the tropics, when 6 to 10 or 11 of September is slower
rotations of the temperates.

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Robert KnightNov 12, 2012

Whats the point Einstein?????