Ethiopian calendar months are neither ancient nor new.

Fassil Tassew Ethiopian calendar are neither ancient nor new. Thus, these who are not using the Ethiopian calendar months in the tropics are not only against themselves but also the tropics of the universe. Therefore, acting as leaders of the world without discovering the tropics and rediscovering the temperates is neither civilized nor scientific.

Henok Leul • Brother have you ever read ancient books about Ethiopian calendar please try ”Abushaher”

Fassil Tassew • Yes I have read it critically.
Henok, what is wrong with new discovery that Ethiopian calendar is an eternal calendar of the tropics. Besides, don’t you know one day is one rotation of earth? Thus Pagume is 5 or 6 faster rotations of the tropics, when 6 to 10 or 11 of September is slower rotations of the temperates.

Fassil Tassew • Henok, your participation is highly appreciated. But do you know that there is neither factor income nor income tax revenue during Pagume in Ethiopia. Did the ancient calendar have series of 5 or 6 days of Pagume?

Henok Leul • Please continue your brilliant discussion ideas, I think you have a broader view than me so let’s continue our discussion about Ethiopian calendar by asking our selves about the early calendar. Do you think at the early seasons the calendar have different number of days arrangement as it is now about pagume off course I will share your idea but I think it is the better one to separate it b/c it makes us different at last please.

Fassil Tassew • Henok Leul, I don’t know why most people do agree that Ethiopian Calendar is ancient. Besides they agreed that it were the same as Julian calendar until 1582 G.C. But I do
disagree with their mistaken ideas because of the following three reasons.

First , Professor Ephrame Isaac asserted that Ethiopian calendar is neither Julian nor Gregorian. His contribution is great .
Second, from the solar calendar point of view Julian can be considered as ancient and that of Gregorian calendar has been considered as new since 1582.
Third; therefore, Ethiopian calendar is neither ancient nor new. Since, it is an eternal calendar of the tropics.